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Hand is one of the most advanced parts in our body. Children are still active and risk of the fingers injury is high. One of the most common injury is thumb dislocation due to its grip function.

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Remember when you were a kid and after you jammed a finger catching a ball, your dad would tape two fingers together or use a Popsicle stick to keep it straight? That same concept appplies today. Stabilizing finger joints can help align joints, improve function and keep deformities caused by arthritis, loose ligaments or injury from getting worse.

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If you are suffering from trigger finger and are looking for an effective trigger finger splint to help reduce the pain associated with trigger finger, this article will help you do just that. This was the same splint I used when I healed my trigger finger naturally. Many others have found relief this this splint as well so it is very effective.

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Upper extremity injuries are extremely common in contact sports such as football, soccer, and lacrosse. The culture of competitive athletics provides an environment where hand injuries are frequently downplayed in an effort to prevent loss of game time. However, studies have shown that many sport-induced hand injuries do not actually require immediate surgical attention and can be safely treated through immobilization so that the athlete may complete the athletic season.

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All you have to do is go online to see how many options there are for thumb braces. Not to mention all the different thumb braces you can pick up at the drugstore. Custom made, ready made, splints for resting your thumb, braces to support your thumb.

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A splint is a piece of medical equipment used to keep an injured body part from moving and to protect it from any further damage. Splinting is often used to stabilize a broken bone while the injured person is taken to the hospital for more advanced treatment. It can also be used if you have a severe strain or sprain in one of your limbs.

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Trigger finger and trigger thumb are two conditions that go hand-in-hand literally. This condition, at best, is mildly irritating and, at worst, is extremely painful and debilitating. This results in many common symptoms including finger stiffness, a popping or clicking sensation, tenderness or even a visible bump at the base of your finger, and finger locking in a bent position.

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Trigger thumb is an extremely common and debilitating condition. The tendons in your thumb and fingers are covered in a tunnel-like structure of tissues called sheaths. If you have trigger thumb, your fingers tendons have become inflamed.

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It is important to note that treating De Quervain's syndromealso known as gamer's thumb, at home or without the direction of a doctor is possible, however, severe or chronic De Quervain's syndrome should be evaluated by a qualified healthcare provider since, if left untreated, De Quervain's syndrome can result in permanent injury and a loss of your range of motion and grip strength. Treating De Quervain's syndrome should begin when symptoms first appear and continue as long as the symptoms persist or the cause is still relevant. Treatment should be done leading up towards a doctor's appointment or during your data gathering activities while trying to determine the cause of your De Quervain's syndrome.


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