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W hile admiring the fluency and invention of Wes Anderson's work, I have never taken to the cultivated eccentricity and arbitrary conduct of the characters and families in such to me tiresome, whimsical films as Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I was thus surprised to find myself warming to, enjoying and finally being oddly moved by his new picture, The Darjeeling Limited, which is the name of a train taken across India by three American brothers. It's scripted by Anderson himself in collaboration with Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, a fixture in Anderson movies and similar offbeat independent productions.

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B ill Murray is not the star of The Darjeeling Limited —in fact, he only has a couple of minutes of screen time, and never speaks a word—but his face is one of the first things you see, and it sets the tone for everything that follows. His ingenious cameo places him as a nameless businessman, nervously peering over his shoulder as he rides in the back of a speeding taxi, apparently hoping to outrun something sinister, though we know not what. When he jumps out of the cab he is at a train station, and he sprints in mad pursuit of his departing locomotive, coming just short of catching it.

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A beautiful Wes Anderson film, perfectly made, incredible to look at it, and sadly appropriative of India. Wes Anderson is my absolute favorite director so it really hurts me to write this article acknowledging his misstep. The use of India as a back-drop for the reconnection of some spiritually displaced white men is an insult to the rich history, colors, and culture of India.

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This isn't your typical family outing—dad's dead, older brother Owen has blackmailed his siblings into tagging along on the trip, and the lot of them have a lot of issues to work out. Heading toward hubba-hubba momma Anjelica Huston who's holed up in a monasteryAdrien, Owen, and Jason hash out the family business while taking in the vastness of India. Things go massively wrong, however, and eventually the brothers end up stranded in the desert with a bunch of junk that won't help them a bit. It's then that the real journey begins for this estranged ensemble.

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The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson's story of a spiritual journey by train, revels in the golden, dusty landscapes, but his sketchily-drawn characters never really get anywhere, says Sukhdev Sandhu. Wes Andersondirector of The Darjeeling Limited, was recently asked by an American interviewer about the kind of fans his films attracted. The floppy-haired, privately-educated Texan, whose parents work in advertising and real estate, thought for a second: "Outsiders," he replied.

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The Darjeeling Limited movie clips: j. Last scene from Hotel Chevalier serbotto. A year after their father's death, three American brothers who haven't spoken since the funeral embark on a soul-searching journey across India.

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September 4th,pm. There are several reviews mentioning her Is that a word?

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After being made available free on iTunes, it quickly became an online hit and has been downloaded nearlytimes. Now Mr. The short also stars Natalie Portman, and though she does not appear in the feature, her character is important to it, Mr.

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These block ed heads spend most of the movie the second part anyway squirming in ever-mouldier familial compartments. The Darjeeling Limited is the sum of its saddened splits, be they familial, romantic, filmic. Both parts are lovingly sparse about exposition.

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Said describes a repertoire of images which generate this impression [2] : backwardness, timelessness and exotic sensuality. Chinua Achebe claims dominant racist narratives articulate non-western cultures through their oppressors [3] ; representing natives as articulations of environment rather than as individuals. Using Said and Achebe in conjunction allows for a holistic and thorough postcolonial study of the creation of India as a western Other on film. The Darjeeling Limited relies on preconceived notions of Otherness, perpetuated by Orientalism, in its portrayal of India.


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