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Our parents wanted to go away for the weekend to attend a New Years Eve party with old friends and asked our aunt if she would look after us girls for the night, which she was happy to do. All day that first day she kept going into my room without knocking as if trying. This story is meant as an erotic fiction, not real life.

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Researchers have found that polygamous birds do not evolve in the same way as birds with only one partner at a time, because having multiple partners reduces competition and spreads genes around more, even between separate populations of the same species. The scientists studied dozens of plover populations and found that there were fewer subspecies — a genetically unique population group of a species — in polygamous birds as compared to monogamous ones. The university gave the examples of plovers in Madagascar that had multiple partners.

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Below, animal experts weigh in on what animal might be the horniest. Associate Professor, Zoology, Ohio Wesleyan University, whose research focuses on how sexual selection, especially female mating preferences, interacts with other mechanisms to shape population divergence and speciation. Their males invest so much into reproduction that they stop eating; their stress levels skyrocket, leading to basically a full body breakdown hair falling out, internal hemorrhage, etc.

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We thought we were the only species to enjoy intimate interactions, but as Jason G Goldman discovers, a few curious couplings in nature have changed our view. Sex, we are told, is pleasurable. That's because most scientific accounts of sexual behaviour rest upon evolutionary explanations rather than the more immediately relevant mental and emotional experiences.

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If you like to tune in to TMZ to catch up on the latest celebrity sex scandals, imagine what you're missing by not watching Discovery or National Geographic instead: the details of animal mating can be titillating, amusing, and just plain weird all at the same time. Penises vary widely across the animal kingdom, but a universal theme is that this organ somehow changes size or shape before or during the act of mating, then reverts back to its "usual" configuration. Not so for alligators, the males of which are endowed with permanently erect penises layered with numerous coats of the stiff protein collagen that lurk inside their cloacas, then burst out suddenly like the baby Alien from John Hurt's stomach. Perhaps even more weirdly, the six-inch-long penis of an alligator isn't everted by muscles, but by the application of pressure on its abdominal cavity, clearly an essential bit of reptilian foreplay.

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Mostly fictional sexual intercourse with animals. Also in this category you may see videos which includes man dressed or looking like an animal. Still no account? Please go to Sign up.


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