Dick turpin

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Dick Turpin - 7 April was an English highwayman. He made a lot of money through many criminal activities, such as poachingburglaryhorse theft and murder. He is most famous for 'highway robbery', on his horse, Black Bess.

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Richard Turpin bapt. Turpin may have followed his father's trade as a butcher early in his life but, by the early s, he had joined a gang of deer thieves and, later, became a poacherburglarhorse thief and killer. Turpin's involvement in the crime with which he is most closely associated—highway robbery—followed the arrest of the other members of his gang in

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Sign in. Dick Turpin has saved a young serving wench from the clutches of scrupulous nobleman Edward Faversham and his two friends. Shortly thereafter he helps the Catherine Langford and her serving girl

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He is wild with joy. The real life of Dick Turpin is far from the one romanticised in the gothic novel. The basic facts are simple: He was born in and became an apprentice butcher; he began stealing and then joined a gang in Essex.

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Indictment of Dick Turpin, This is the indictment of John Palmer, alias Richard Turpin. He was charged with stealing a black mare worth 3 pounds and a filly foal worth 20 shillings from Thomas Creasey at Welton, Yorkshire, on 1st March

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Turpin, Dick — Dick Turpin became a popular hero and the stuff of legend. He was, in fact, a leader of a gang of Essex ruffians, whose speciality was robbery with violence.

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It was said that 'Highwaymen ruled the highways' during the 17th and 18th Centuries. Stagecoaches would be held up by a masked horseman at gun point, the rich passengers would then be robbed of their jewellery and money. Turpin lived in an old cottage just seven miles north of Hinckleyhe would often frequent Watling Street and stop at the Harrow Inn that used to be located where Watling Street crosses the Harrow Brook.

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He was apprehended in consequence of shooting a fowl, and his brother refusing to pay sixpence for the postage of his letter occasioned his conviction. He was the son of a farmer at Thackstead in Essex; and, having received a common school education, was apprenticed to a butcher in Whitechapel; but was distinguished from his early youth for the impropriety of his behaviour, and the brutality of his manners. On the expiration of his apprenticeship, be married a young woman of East Ham, in Essex, named Palmer: but he had not been long married before he took to the practice of stealing his neighbours' cattle, which he used to kill and cut up for sale. Having stolen two oxen belonging to Mr.

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Mythbusters say the dashing figure was a cold-blooded killer with a cruel streak. He was the cold, calculated killer who has been turned into a romantic, dashing figure over the centuries. And a simple glance of the ground Turpin allegedly covered in search of coaches to plunder, leads to one conclusion — he must have got through a nag a week.

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Richard "Dick" Turpin was an English highwayman whose exploits were romanticised following his execution in York for horse theft. Turpin may have followed his father's profession as a butcher early in life, but by the early s he had joined a gang of deer thieves, and later became a poacher, burglar, horse thief and murderer. He is also known for a fictional mile overnight ride from London to York on his horse Black Bess, a story that was made famous by the Victorian novelist William Harrison Ainsworth almost years after Turpin's death.


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