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Many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD have great memories for facts and details, but they have trouble organizing their thoughts and accessing and integrating the information they have to make it useful for them. Together, these skills allow all individuals to solve problems, organize a plan of action, and control emotions and behaviors throughout the day. Individuals with EF difficulties can look very different from one another.

Although executive functioning EF difficulties are well documented among children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder ASDlittle is known about real-world measures of EF among adults with ASD. Therefore, this study examined parent-reported real-world EF problems among 35 adults with ASD without intellectual disability and their correlations with adaptive functioning and co-morbid anxiety and depression symptomatology. A variable EF profile was found with prominent deficits occurring in flexibility and metacognition.

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I have been looking at possible reasons as to why I struggle so much with day to day life, or get stressed very easily over such minor, insignificant things. Found this table today that describes the most common issues, and found I struggle with at least 10 out of the 12 things:. Displays procrastination — puts off minor household tasks such as changing lights or doing the dishes after dinner.

Executive function disorder affects many people without them realising they have it or even knowing it exists. Executive functioning is important for developing independence and achieving goals. Work deadlines regularly involve me crying with frustration at midnight because I am seemingly incapable of organising my time properly.

What is Executive Functioning? The frontal lobe is the area of the brain that controls executive functioning skills. Deficits in executive functioning skills make it difficult to gather information and structure it for evaluation, as well as difficulty taking stock of your surroundings and changing your behavior in response.

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Executive function EF is a broad term that refers to the cognitive processes that help us regulate, control and manage our thoughts and actions. Most people on the autism spectrum have some degree of impaired executive function. To learn more about executive function and how it relates to autism, check out this in-depth series of posts:.

People with executive dysfunction often experience time blindness, or an inability to plan for and keep in mind future events. If those symptoms sound familiar, keep reading. These seven executive function skills are critical in managing everyday life and long-term goals:.

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So what's the best way to address this? This is what we face with our very intelligent AS daughter age 8. She is making improvement in OT, but we so worry about her ability to care for her needs and be productive as she gets older. She has so much to offer, but can't seem to get her "ducks in a row" so to speak.

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Please enter your location to help us display the correct information for your area. Executive functioning refers to a person's ability to process information. Many people with autism have difficulty with executive functioning.


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