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Controversies on clitoral anatomy and its role in female sexual function still make clitoral reconstructive surgery very challenging. We evaluated the role of clitoral anatomic features in female to male sex reassignment surgery. Material and Methods.

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Pelvic floor dysfunction includes a group of disorders causing abnormalities of bowel storage and bowel emptying, as well as pelvic pain. This information is intended to help patients gain a better understanding of the disorders making up pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as the evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. It is intended to help patients who suspect that they may have pelvic floor dysfunction better understand the reason for their symptoms, and help them realize that with proper evaluation and treatment it is possible to get relief from symptoms that can be quite disabling.

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Gynecologic issues in older women have a significant impact on quality of life and are often treatable, but often underdiagnosed. Genitourinary syndrome of menopause is common in postmenopausal women and is readily reversed with administration of vaginally applied estrogen. Nonsurgical management of pelvic organ prolapse can improve comfort and bladder function in some older women with pelvic organ prolapse.

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Are you looking for the best sex positions that will help you last longer, thrust deeper and give your woman an amazing orgasm? However, as with all positions, your technique is just as important as the position itself. Technique: She lies on the edge of the bed, you kneel on the floor and raise up one of her legs. Ask her to hold her leg up by wrapping her hands under her thigh.

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Every boy has given himself a mangina at least once. In the locker room, at summer camp, in front of the full-length mirror in your parents' bedroom when you thought they'd already left for the store—whatever the setting, the urge to hide your junk between your legs, leaving only a soft tuft of pubes in view, is universal and ineluctable. It's a healthy practice that yields great pictures, but for some men, the thrill of not having a dick never ends.

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A varicocele is enlarged veins in the scrotum, the loose pouch of skin that contains the testicles. This is a surgically correctable condition. Similar to varicose veins in the legs, varicoceles are caused when valves controlling blood flow along the testicular cord fail to operate normally, causing a backflow of blood and swollen veins.

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For women undergoing cancer treatment, you may experience vaginal dryness or irritation. While vaginal dryness is a common problem in menopause, it also can be caused by some cancer treatment drugs, such as tamoxifen for the treatment of breast cancer. Some women are uncomfortable talking about vaginal dryness, but it can lead to painful intercourse or tears in the vaginal tissue, which then could lead to infections or impact quality of life and self-esteem.

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Any fertility treatment may be expected to have an effect on semen quality roughly three months after it is started, as this is the length of time required for a single cycle of spermatogenesis, or sperm production. If neither surgical nor medical therapy is appropriate, assisted reproductive technologies are possible. In choosing a treatment plan, consideration should be given to each couple's long-term goals, financial constraints, and the results of the female partner's evaluation in addition to male factor findings.

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Left lower quadrant pain is a descriptive term indicating pain in the lower abdomen and left iliac fossa. There a number of disctinct disorders that can cause left lower quadrant pain and most are related to the underlying structures present in that region of the abdomen. In evaluating a patient with pain in the left lower quadrant, it is helpful to think systematically about the underlying structures in that area.


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