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Tantra is an ancient Indian practice that has a presence today around the world. Imagine, 5, years ago, this practice being developed, explored, and enhanced to promote sexualityspiritualityand emotional interconnectedness. Tantra honors and celebrates our bodies, and enriches sensual pleasure, not just sexual pleasure.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. Tantric sex or tantra is a pretty trendy concept nowadays.

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Sometimes, sex can be a little wham-bam. Let me introduce you to the exact opposite of that: tantric sex. It's that long, slow, "souls-connecting" type of sex that honestly sounds simultaneously intimidating and sexy AF.

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Think: mindfulness during sex. Here are five surprising ways tantric sex will shake things up between the sheets. How can you and your partner achieve this shift?

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Believed to date back 5, years, Tantric sex is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice. Like yoga or Zen, its purpose is enlightenment—and the philosophy transcends the bedroom into all aspects of life. And when Shiva male energy and Shakti female energy join in one sexual union, it's believed to be the highest point of enlightenment.

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Sting famously said he was at it for seven hours. That might be a bit ambitious, but there are less time consuming ways to boost your love life. I don't know any purer and better way of expressing a love for another individual than sharing that wonderful, I call it, 'sacrament.

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To most people, the idea of tantric sex sounds exciting, unique, and maybe more pleasurable. But only a small percentage of those people know what it actually is. In many cultures, sex is considered merely recreational.

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The word 'tantra' literally means the weaving and expansion of energy and it sees couples enjoy a slow form of sex in order to have powerful orgasms. Couples often say that the practice heightens their emotions and gives them a better mind and body connection to each other. Tantric sex advocates say it gives you a better understanding of your body as well as of the world around you.

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For many couples and singles alike, the concept of tantric sex is foreign. Either way, the term itself leaves many to wonder exactly what tantra is in the first place. Tantra is a style of meditation and ritual credited to an ancient Hindu practice over 6, years ago, and its basis is rooted in connecting with the divine through the use of spiritual energy.

Tantra began in India and dates back thousands of years. For the tantric, life is a meditation. Every activity — eating, drinking, breathing, dancing, making love — can be entered into with awareness. The idea behind tantric sex in the Hindu spiritual tradition is that when sex is practiced with awareness and connection, it is a way to achieve enlightenment.


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